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How to Setup Visual Studio 2010 and Codeplex
  1. Make sure you are already added to this group.
  2. Open up Visual Studio 2010.
  3. Go to File->Open->Team Project...
  4. Click on Servers button.
  5. Click Add button.
  6. For "Name of URL or Team Foundation Server", put "". For "Path", put "tfs". For "Port Number", put "443". Set the protocol to "HTTPS".
  7. There will be a login screen popup in Visual Studio 2010. To find out what your User name and Password is, click on the "Source Code" tab on the top of this web page. Then, click on "Source Control Setup->Visual Studio Team Explorer" link which will show you your username and password. Type your username and password into the login screen. If you are not part of this group, you will not be able to login.
  8. After you login, click on Connect button.
  9. To view our source code files, double click on "Source Control" on the righthand side of Visual Studio under Team Explorer. Select and right click all the files that you see in the Source Control explorer window. Click on "Get Latest Version". This will map the files onto your computer.
  10. Double click on any files in the Source Control Explorer window to edit them.
  11. To commit the changes to the files you edited, right click on the solution or files you are working on and click Check In.

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